All participants are required to register their papers via EDAS:

Please carefully refer to the following guidelines.

Participant Payment Instructions:

For payment within Malaysia, a participant can choose to pay from either his/her saving account, current account or credit card via JOMPAY. The step-by-step guidance can be found at:

The Biller Code for ICSCC conference is 1271. Participant should write his/her name and email address as Ref-1 and Ref-2, respectively, in the reference fields.

If participants are paying from outside Malaysia, it is encouraged that payment be made via Flywire at:

All bank charges are to be borne by the participant. The step-by-step guidance can be found at:

Once payment has been made, kindly send the proof of payment to us. Failure to do so may result in delay in confirmation of registration. Payments made are NOT refundable.

No-Show and Originality Policy:

IEEE has a strict policy on “NO-SHOW” to exclude authors who do not present their paper from further distribution of their publication, such as exclusion from IEEE Xplore. Therefore, one of the authors or their representatives MUST present the paper at the event. Papers that have >30% similarity index will be rejected.

Copyright Form:

We use e-copyright. Please click the copyright button in EDAS. Follow the instructions.

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